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Long awaited update

Well I have been a slacker, a blog slacker, and for that I am sorry. Let's see hmmm... what's been going on...

Tyler loves going to school and I think that is so awesome! I talked with his teacher at parent teacher conferences and he is improving and she thinks he would benefit by going to school a third day. I think he would as well. He asks me everyday if he can go, now I know at some point that will change. So he will now go M,T,W. We have his IEP meeting in a few weeks so I will have more to report then. I am thinking of getting him into some sort of KDO program through a church or the zoo, if we can swing the tuition part. He needs that during the summer, I need that, because he will be lost without school and friends.

Eric thankfully is still employed at Cessna. He has been quite the handyman around here the last few months. He has installed new ceiling fans in the living room and in the boy's room. He has also put up a new sensor light out front above the driveway. Oh and how can I overlook the new swing set he put together for the boys. I am so very blessed to have him as my husband.

Owen is a busy little guy. He is getting taller, watch out Tyler I think he may catch up to you soon! Owen is in Rainbows, every other week Karen comes and works with him. He is behind in his speech, we think he may be able to say/do more than he lets on. His new trick is to get on the dinning room table and sit in the middle of it. Little stinker!

As for me I am trying to keep busy and sane.

Hope you all have a great week and I will get some pictures posted soon!



Spring Break 2009

I guess you would say we had our "Spring Break" early, so now I have to figure out what to do to keep my children occupied this week. Tyler would go to school every day if he could, just wait a few years and it will be the polar opposite, I'm sure!LOL He asks me EVERYDAY to go. I know we can go to the zoo and parks. I think we may go hang out at a church playgroup or two.

I might even do some spring cleaning and planting this week.




Ok, so I am well aware I live in Kansas and it is notorious for weather changes, but this is nuts!

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Mar 12
Cloudy 27° 10 %
Mar 13
Cloudy 43°/30° 10 %
Mar 14
Mostly Cloudy 54°/36° 10 %
Mar 15
Partly Cloudy 64°/40° 10 %
Mar 16
Mostly Cloudy 71°/43° 10 %
Mar 17
Partly Cloudy 74°/46° 10 %
Mar 18
Mostly Sunny 73°/43° 0 %
Mar 19
Partly Cloudy 69°/46° 0 %
Mar 20
Few Showers 62°/40° 30 %
Mar 21
Partly Cloudy 61°/40° 10 %
Last Updated Mar 12 10:11 p.m. CT