My DH probably thinks I am crazy and that I have finally fallen off the turnip truck!!! It all started Friday. I had some place to go, a MNI and wanted to look un-frumpyish (OK SO NOT A WORD!). I was going grocery shopping at Wal-mart- with my two boys in toe. While I was there I woundered over to the clothing section. They had some great sales, so I proceeded to buy with out trying on due to the above mentioned boys in toe.

I get them home and try them on only to find out that the hip hugging pair of jeans does not flatter me at all, and they are technically too small. Now on tho the cutest shirt! It is a red 3/4 sleeve button down shirt, it has the eye and hook method instead of the buttons. It is gathered just right and has the right shape..... ALMOST!!! It was just a little snug and would have not done me any good with the jeans I bought.

So I did wear the jeans, not the most comfortable idea on my part, but oh well!! I wore a shirt that I already had that was big enough to hid my jawles of a dog, as Katie (from John&Katie plus 8) would say.

Today I needed out of the house, DH was at work. Both boys in toe once more we make a trip to the mall. I took the double jogging stroller, which by the way is HUGE!!! I was still able to manuver it into the dressing rooms at Sears and JCpenny's. Although at Penny's I had to leave the door half open, but hay I have had two kids so what is the differance!!! LOL

I left the mall VICTORIOUS!!!!

Ok here is the part about DH thinking I am crazy. He was in the shower and I was trying my jeans ans shirts on again, before taking off the tags.I guess I thought my trip to the mall was a dream and had to see them on once more! Well I walk into the bathroom and he opens up the curtain to take a look, I stand there with the biggest smile jumping up and down and clapping!!! I was just so happy I had clothing that fit and fit right. Ok so I did have to sercome to a size 14. UHG!!!



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