SMART Habit Saturday


I said I was going to do the following last Saturday:

  • To do a load of laundry a day from start to finish.
  • To try to cut back my online time. (Hard one)
  • To keep my kitchen clean so I can wake up to a clean kitchen.
So How did I do you, might ask?

Well Laundry one not so much at all!!! (work in progress)
I have do pretty well with trying to stay off the computer. (YEA!! ME)
Ok the kitchen one I am doing good on. This week I spring cleaned and re-organized in my kitchen. Here are some pictures. I think I did forget some of the before pictures.

My kitchen before:

My kitchen after:

I will wait until Talk about it Tuesday to show the cabinets and drawers. This week I am just going to be reinforsing my goals from last week!!

Have a SMART week!!

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Ter said...

way to go! :)

The Lazy Organizer said...

You organized your kitchen! That's wonderful! I bet it feels great. I have one suggestion for you. Clean off the front of your fridge and your kitchen will look even better. I always give that as an assignment in my organizing classes. It's like having your bed made. If the fridge is clean the whole room looks cleaner.

Have a Smart week!

Rebecca said...

Great job! I cleared off my counters as much as I could - storing my toaster in the cabinet below even. I love having so much more space and even when I get clutter going it's much faster to clean up. Have a great week!