Household Buget for March - Part 1

I have recently started a new budget system. What I found was astounding!! We were spending around $1300.00 a month at Target, Wal-mart, & Dillon's alone! No wander we had some money issues!!

I sat for a day and a half imputing all of out out going expenses, from bills to every single transaction done at the above mentioned stores, into my budget program.

To keep me accountable I am going to start to post my household budget, ie. groceries, extra.
I will make my first post with updated totals tomorrow morning.



Rhonda said...

Oh my, you are so brave to go "public" with that. Although, I know accountability is one very effective way to curb spending. I am sure if I took note on my spending at TARGET alone, I would be in for an eye opener.

I kept saying, just let me get through this wedding... (my 1st daughter)and now I am going to use that with the next wedding in August. (daughter #2)

Maybe I should have taken out stock in TARGET!

I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree a budget is so important. Before we had one I am sure I was spending that much money too.
Look forward to watching your progress!

Canadian Saver said...

I'm all for budgeting too... I know exactly what comes in each month and what goes out. I had a big problem with CC debt, but I've tackled that and am much happier now living a simpler lifestyle.

Good luck!!

Loida Chan said...

This is what I call SMART LIVING. I applaud you for doing this. It is not easy but I know you can do it. You have a new friend that is cheering you on.