SMART Habit Saturday-On Sunday


I started this about a month ago and I am failing!! Time for a fresh start! I just need a kick in the butt! Here are my goals and I will update Next week.

Goals :
  • Establish a morning routine
  • Exercise ( I have a gym membership I need to use)
  • get back into scrap booking
  • Establish a bedtime routine
  • Read a chapter or more a day in a book
  • Drink more water
  • Form Laundry habits ( a load a day start to finish)
  • Be on time to play dates
  • go to bed by 11:00
  • To try to cut back my online time

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Anonymous said...

Are the ones bolded what have become habits? If so, how did you manage to successfully cut back on computer time. I REALLY struggle with this one!

Jen said...

No they are not habits yet!! LOL I could not get them to un-bold.

Miss Jen said...

wow! You have a lot you want to do. Try one habit a week so you don't get overwhelmed!

Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Take things one day/task at a time & you'll get there. I try to scrap once a week during nap time or after the kids are in bed, sometimes I do more sometimes less but I still like taking the time for myself. Keeping a water bottle (of any kind) filled & in the fridge may help you, that way instead of reaching for something else it's staring you in the face. ;) Have a great week!

Susan said...

You are so ambitious. When I look at all the habits I want to be routine - I get discouraged.

I believe being part of this smart habit Saturday will help me to be more organized about my habits and form some accountability for myself.

I'm always trying to get to bed on time. If I stay up past 10, a second wind kicks in and I then can't get to sleep until 1 am.

Good luck with your list.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I also think you should work on one at a time. You can do it!