SMART Habit Saturday

What I am working on this week:

* Drink more water---- I am doing much better with this.
* Exercise -- Started back at the GYM Thursday!!! And also went today!!!
* go to bed by 11:00--- I am getting closer to this- 11:15 ish lately
* I am on my 4rd book since starting to read again every night.
* I really need to work on laundry and house work before I get fired!! HAHA


Here are my goals I am working on for the months of March and April.


* Exercise - Was doing good if I had not gotten sick. I can not wait to get back at it!
* get back into scrap booking
* Drink more water
* Form Laundry habits ( a load a day start to finish)-really need to work on this!
* Be on time to play dates
* go to bed by 11:00


* Establish a morning routine
* Establish a bedtime routine
* Read a chapter or more a day in a book

Do you have a smart habit you would like to share? Visit the Lazy Organizers blog for more Smart Habit Saturday.


1 comment:

The Happy Housewife said...

Those are some great habits. I definitely need to get to bed earlier! I would like to be in bed by 10 read until 10:45, but it is more like fall into bed exhausted at midnight!