Talk About Tuesday!

Talk About TuesdayThis week we are talking about our purses.

I have my beloved Coach bag and the dreaded big diaper bag that I use. I need a MOM bag! Just have not found the right one yet! Here are the pictures.

Here is a view of the inside, the opening is small, but I love my Coach!!

Let's see I have my wallet, calendar-planner, a little photo book, receipts, keys, pens.

Here is my monstrosity of a diaper bag!

I need to find the right mom bag for me and get organized!!

What does your purse look like? To see other people's bags , visit Lara's blog)



Anonymous said...

oohh.. i love the color of your diaper bag!!

Mrs. Organic said...

I think your diaper bag is a striking color. When I find the perfect mom bag, I'm stocking up.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on finding the perfect mom bag and gave each of my girls a backpack that they can carry their own "junk" in. All I have to carry are my essentials. Works for me! But I actually like your diaper bag.

The Lazy Organizer said...

They are both very cute! Of course I love anything orange.

Anonymous said...

I talked on my post about how I revolted after not having to carry a diaper bag anymore...it will be so freeing for you!

Andrea said...

I think that's a great diaper bag.