Really, I am alive

I am very bad at this whole blog thing! I promise to be better. I guess I need to do up dates on the boys and Christmas. I am down 10lbs from my starting weight!!!! I am so happy about that. I guess having the flu right after the holidays is a good thing, I did not gain any weight eating all that yummy food, HA!

Let's see....

Christmas was great! I have tons of pictures/video so I will only post a few.

Here is a video of Christmas eve activities, i.e. leaving cookies for Santa.

Tyler being Deago

Owen with his stocking stuffers


The family herd all 5
My mom's 2, grandpas 1, and of course Sampson and Molly

Owen playing with his new Blocks, Thanks Aunt Shelby!

Me and my mom with the gift bag we exchange every year.

Picture of The bag

Bobo and Owen

Tyler, Daddy and the kitchen


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