A walk down memory lane, Owen's birth story

Short version:

Owen Patrick


12:29 pm

9lb/ 13oz/ 21inch

8 and 9 on apgards

Owen’s original due date was 01/15/07; well he had to be evicted!! We had to be at Wesley at 5:00am on Thursday the 18th. We got there and to our room and all settled in. I had an older nurse who was a bit flaky if I do say so myself, although she had been at Wesley a long time.

Here is my last prego belly shot at 40 weeks and 3 days.

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This time around I was calmer and knew what to expect. With Tyler the whole induction experience was good, but I felt totally off in la,la land. That was before the drugs even!! LOL

They started the pit at 6:00am. I was at a 3-4 cm when they checked me the first time. I was able to handle the contractions very well, seeing how I could not feel them. I did get to get out of the bed and walk around and what not for about 20 min. That was nice, last time I felt like I was held captive in the bed.

Around 9:00am they broke my water, started to feel a little of the contractions but not much. They only had to have the pit up to 20. When they checked me about 30 min after my water breaking I was at 4-5 cm. I started to feel the contractions a bit more and had asked about Newbain to take the edge off. Well I am glad I went for the Epi instead.

At around 11:30 the WITCH that gave me my Epi came. I have no clue if she knew what the HELL she was doing, but I was hunched over sitting up putting all the presser on my belly. It took her 30 FLIPPEN minutes!!!! She kept hitting bone and it hurt like hell on top of being in what I now know was full blown hard labor. When she got done I was still in much pain and said that I was having some pressure, like having to poop. So the nurse checked me and I went from a 4-5 to being at 10cm and complete and baby was right there!!!! They had to hurry and get the epi caught up so they had to get the head guy to come and ok it. The contraction pain had stopped, but I was still feeling presser in my tail bone area. Well that finally moved to where it needed to be at in the birth canal.

My Mom made it just in time to be there!!! So did Dr. Craddock!!! I started to push and only did so for about 5 minutes or so. Owen did get his shoulders stuck coming out but just for a sec.

He was born at 12:29 pm. I only had a 2nd degree tear. I had a 3rd degree with Tyler. Owen was healthy. I on the other hand had some issues with my blood presser being low. I normally have a lower bp so it did not take much to make me feel like crap. It was due to the Epi meds, this also happened last time as well. I was unable to start Breast feeding right a way.

We did try to BF and thought it was going to work, but in the end it did not. So we are a bottle fed baby just like big brother was!!


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