Menu Plan Monday

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As all my friends know I have been doing this for a while now. I love the idea of sharing my menu plan!! Now I have an outlet for it!!! I will try to find pictures for my recipes or links. I do my menu plan Sunday -Saturday. I go shopping on Fridays for the following week.


Jumbo Meatballs


Chicken Casserole


Beef and Pasta (8 Points)


Tuna casserole-
family recipe- need to find and post

Football Casserole


I am in the process or getting all my (go to) recipes online, I hope in the future jut to have all links.

Have a great week!!

...AND For more Menu Plan Monday participants jump on over to visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie! Lots of good eats over there... :)


PlanningQueen said...

Welcome aboard. I have been meal planning for years, but have only joined MPM this year. It is great to see what others are planning.

Bonnie said...

Those JUMBO meatballs look gooooood !

Lora said...

Welcome to mpm--I've been participating for a few weeks now and it has really helped me out! Those meatballs look really yummy, I'm going to have to try those sometime soon.

The Woodside's said...

I am actually commenting on a previous post. I, too, was faced with a surprise from my 1st grade son's teacher-on Valentine party day! He is now in 2nd grade and we are still facing issues with social developmental delay. Not obvious to just anyone-even us , in fact, for years! I know how you feel. Like the wind was knocked out of you. Hope it gets better, soon. Until then, know it is not your fault, and just continue to seek God and keep loving your family.

Kiy said...

Those meatballs look great, going to have to try them! I too love MPM and try each week to do my meal planning. Seems to just make my week more organized and run smoother.

Cheers! Kiy