My child has been kicked out

:S17: :S56: So I get this call a few minutes ago, it was from the director at Tyler's pre-school. Apparently he has not made any progress since he started in November. We did take him to be evaluated at the count your kids in preschool screening. The were going to be doing further more indeepth evaluation of him at school. Well I guess he has been aggressive when playing and will not follow directions and do what is should be doing. I guess some of the other parents have made comments about this as well. So she said I need to pull him out for now. We will still be getting the assistance for whatever areas they think he needs. After that we will see if he can go back to school in like April or May.

I as like WTH! Why are we just now learning about the aggressiveness? "It just now came to light." :shout:

What have I done wrong? What am I to do with the child now?! How can I help him? Am I a bad mother?

Thank you for reading.

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Melissa said...

I'm a freelance education writer for MSN Encarta (encarta.msn.com). I'm interested in talking to you about your situation for a story I'm working on about kids who are kicked out of preschool. Can you contact me? I'm at melpatton @ gmail.com (just omit the spaces when you send the email). Look forward to hearing how things are going...
Melissa Slager