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I guess until he is let back in to school I will home school. I found a great site with lesson plans and all. Here is the link http://www.letteroftheweek.com/Preparatory.html Needless to say DH was not happy. I think he will go by after work and talk to them. What I don't get is WHY the hell did they keep telling us he was doing good?????

Ok so Eric went up to the school. There was more background to the story. I guess they were in the gym playing and there is a box thing and Ty took the lid off and waked another boy off his feet. The other issues came up this week. I guess they , as in the teachers and the head lady had a communication break down. They are holding Tyler's spot in class until we hear back from the special services lady, she is from Maize Vermillion. If I could get him in that preschool that would be great!!

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Chelle said...

OMG Jen... this is EXACTLY what has been happening with Jag! It's crazy they tell you that your child is doing well and then boom, kick them out! It sucks! I know what you mean about feeling like a bad parent! It's an awful feeling! I just think that sometimes kids require more of a one on one need for attention. I put Jag in a private home care and he is doing awesome! Hang in there girl! You are a great mama! He just might not be ready for that type of structure yet! *HUGS* Anytime you want to chat, let me know :)