Here are my goals I am working on for the months of March and April.


  • Establish a morning routine
  • Exercise ( I have a gym membership I need to use)
  • get back into scrap booking
  • Establish a bedtime routine
  • Read a chapter or more a day in a book--- Doing well at this! I am reading Bitter is the New Black, By Jen Lancaster, I LOVE IT!!!!
  • Drink more water---- I bought some propell and liptons tea powder packs you add to water and I am doing pretty good!
  • Form Laundry habits ( a load a day start to finish)
  • Be on time to play dates
  • go to bed by 11:00
  • To try to cut back my online time--- YEAH RIGHT! This is very hard, I am Working Struggling on this one.


Establish a morning/Daily routine: Here are some pictures of my new HOUSEHOLD HUB.

To Make this I simply took poster board as the background, and I printed off my charts. I then took clear packing tape and covered the whole thing so It is like a dry erase board.

Have a SMART week!!

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The Lazy Organizer said...

I like your Household Hub. It looks like it's laminated so you don't have to print a new one every week. So organized!

penguinsandladybugs said...

Wow! You have some great goals and I love your household hub--I envy your organization!

Christine Rockwell said...

WOW! You have a lot of stuff on your list! Looks like you are making progress though and that is AWESOME! LOVE the hub too! I NEED one of these BAD! Good luck being SMART this week!

Anonymous said...

That's cool that you can write on it and erase it. Good idea to use the packing tape!!

Anonymous said...

I like the household hub. What a great idea!

Ter said...

great for you!!

I've not been doing very well with my SHS so I haven't been posting about it, but feel free to pop by for a visit anyway!