365 Days of De-cluttering Challenge...

I have challenged myself to de-clutter at least one item from my live per day for the next year. I have accepted the 365 Days of De-cluttering Challenge...Want to join us?

Today I will be working on my basement area. I will take before and after pictures and post.



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Amanda said...

good luck with the challenge!!

my tylers birthday was june 10th and Owens birthday is sept 9th. too weird! we have good choice of names :)

i'd love to do some more speed cleaning. i'll try to post one this week. feel free to to post one anytime too and i'll join in the fun. added your blog to my google reader.

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Deleted comment was me....typo in the link, oops. Let's try this again.

WTG Amanda! Although we all started at different times and are following different timelines, we are right there decluttering alongside you.

Please remember: this journey is a long one, and since it is FOR YOU, you are only accountable TO YOU. Decluttering one item a day is all we ask of you; anything more and you are just giving yourself extra credit. ;-)

Congratulations on accepting your own 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge!!