A 10 !!

So today I thought to myself, hummm.. your size 12 jeans keep falling down, maybe you should just for laughs try on the size 10 pair. I did and........


They may be just a little snug, but I can get into them without laying on the bed!!!!
OMG!! I am so happy!! I have not been in a 10 since before (3yrs ago) I got pregnant with Monkey Boy!!!!

I know to some this may seem silly or like a brag, but it is neither! For my height and stature this is great!! At my heaviest I was in a size 14. I still have 21 more pounds to loose to be at my goal.



Chelle said...

YAY Jen! That is awesome!! Keep on keepin on!! I'm excited for you!!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!! That is awesome. I need to read more of your older posts to see what you've been doing.
I need to lose a lot of baby weight. My daughter is going to be 2 in six months, so I can't use it as an excuse anymore LOL

Diane said...

that is awesome Jen!!! way to go girl! but I always thought you were a great size anyway!