I have talked about this before on my other blog. I just thought I would share again.

I participate in my Moms group Meal Swap (Cooking Co-opp)

Here are the details:

Make the same meal to be frozen for each member of the exchange. This can be something that is precooked and just needs to be warmed, or something that needs to be cooked completely. So, like this time we had 6 participants , 3 of us are counted twice, so that made 9. I made two different meals, 9 of each. We meet up at the mall and all trade meals. So we all go home with a freezer worth of food.

Here are some pictures I took while making my second meal.

Ravioli Casserol

This is the cottage cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese mix

Here we have the Ravioli cooking

Spaghetti Sauce ready and waiting

I made 4 at a time

The finished product!

Here are pictures of my two freezers full.


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Jennifer said...

Randomly stumbled upon your blog while googling something. Just wanted to say that this idea is awsome. Wish there was something like that around here!