Fleece Throw No Sew Free Pattern

Here is the link I found, I am sure there are more if you Google it. http://collectibles.about.com/od/valuableresources/ss/blfleecethrow.htm

Although the throws can be made in any size desired, since most fleeces are sold in approximately 54' widths, the ones I've done are 54" by 54.

Gather supplies

  • 1 1/2 yards of patterned fleece
  • 1 1/2 yards of coordinating (solid) fleece
  • sharp scissors
  • large straight pins
  • Spread out both pieces of fabric on a large flat surface.
  • With right sides facing OUT, smooth fabric out until there are no wrinkles or fabric bunching.
  • Pin the two pieces together a few inches from the edges, don't worry if one piece is slightly larger than the other.
Trimming the edges
  • Trim off the unsightly selvage edges of the fabric
  • Also trim the fabric so that both pieces are the same size,
  • After trimming, smooth fabric out again so there is no bunching or wrinkles in the two pieces
Cut a 4" square out of each corner of the fabric.

The size of the fringe depends on your personal preference. The width and length can be adjusted to the look desired. Do a few test "ties" before cutting all the fabric.

This picture shows the reverse side of the throw, with 5" cuts.

  • Cut 4" to 5" slits in the fabric, approximately 3/4 to 1" wide
  • If a 5" cut provides the desired look, you will have to adjust the 4" corner cut to a 5" corner cut.
Now the fun part -- tying the fringe.
  • Starting at one corner tie the first two pieces of fringe together. Remember you are tying the patterned fleece to the plain fleece.
  • Tie with a double knot -- the knot shouldn't be super tight.
  • Tie a few fringes in on each corner (which helps keep the fabric straight).
  • {li]Finish tying the rest of the fringe around the throw.


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