I have a secret...

Bet you thought this was going to be a juicy post!! LOL

Sorry had to get your attention to share a little know secret about me. I in the closet about the fact I have hobbies!! Here they are...

Crocheting and cross stitching

Oh and scrap booking about my sons life's

The reason I am in the closet with them is that I do not do them but once or twice every 10 years or so, (does not apply to scrapping). For instance I have been cross stitching a blanket for my mother in law for ummm... about 12 years and it is no were near being done. My MIL does not even have the same colors in her bedroom anymore!!

The other night I picked up a blanket I have been crocheting on for about 17 years and worked on it. So you want to know how big this "blanket" is? It is about 6ft long and may be 10inc wide.. HA, HA!! Oh and I have another "project" I need to start on as they are for my boys birthdays. I am going to make them each a no-sew blanket. I told Hardworker (my DH)that I would have them done by the time they go to college, so they can have Toy Story bankets on their beds!! LOL


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Diane said...

Hey there! You have to email me info on that new sew blanket...i have tuile for new sew tutu's I've been planning on making for the girls, however i haven't started so I'm a craft slacker too...lol